Addressing Compliance and Cash Flow Risks with eInvoice Automation for Companies with International Vendor’s ERP Systems.


As per the EU 2014/55/EU directive, companies in Europe are required to exchange invoices for B2G, utilities, transport, and fiscal risk products through a national portal. This regulation will soon expand to include B2B and B2C invoices as well. Non-compliance can lead to severe cash flow risks for companies, potentially blocking all activities. However, companies that use international vendor’s ERP systems face significant challenges in complying with these regulations. These systems are not always adjusted by the vendor for legislation changes, and working with service providers can be costly and time-consuming, leading to pressure on cash flow.


To address these challenges, PROCESIO offers an eInvoice automation solution that is adjustable for each case. The implementation period is typically less than one month, and no system changes are required from the client’s side, minimizing involvement from the client’s IT team. Additionally, PROCESIO can work with systems that do not offer integration via API or do not even have reports to export the required data.

One of the innovative solutions that PROCESIO offers is the ability to intercept the PDF invoices sent to clients by adding us in the BCC field and extracting data directly from the PDF invoice. This ensures that the invoicing process is streamlined and compliant, without disrupting existing processes or causing any cash flow issues.


To address these challenges, PROCESIO offers an eInvoice automation solution that is adjustable for

By implementing PROCESIO’s eInvoice automation solution, companies can comply with EU regulations without facing any cash flow risks or significant disruptions. The implementation period is quick and efficient, ensuring that companies can start using the system and sending compliant invoices within a matter of weeks. Additionally, PROCESIO’s solution is 100% reliable, eliminating all risks associated with this case.

Overall, PROCESIO’s eInvoice automation solution is an effective way for companies to comply with EU regulations while minimizing the impact on their processes and cash flow. The solution is adjustable for each case, making it suitable for companies with international vendors’ ERP systems, systems without integration via API, and those with no reports to export the required data. With PROCESIO’s solution, companies can send compliant invoices efficiently and accurately, without any disruptions or risks to their business.


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