PROCESIO Referral & Affiliate Programs

Updated Friday 30th, 2023

Our amazing community requested it and we answered!

We’re happy to introduce our
Referral & Affiliate Programs

We believe in the power of community and word-of-mouth recommendations and we want to reward you for your effort in spreading the word about PROCESIO

The Referral Program

Ways to refer:

  1. Sending an email to a possible new PROCESIO user
    • Send an email to the referee and add our email address in CC/BCC so we know you were referred.
    • The email needs to contain a link to or to
  2. Request a personal referral code to share in your network

By referring, you will earn points as such:

  • 1 point for each referral made via email
  • 10 points for each referral that created an account
  • 100 points for each referral that bought any subscription
  • 100% of the processing time is associated with the first subscription bought by a referee.

For every 1000 points earned, You will receive 1h of Lifetime monthly processing time.


  • If you made 500 referrals (500 points).
  • Out of those, 100 created an account (1000 points).
  • Out of those 10 bought a subscription (1000 points).

The total number of processing hours bought by the 10 users above is let’s say 15h (15h bonus to the Referrer).

So, you will get:

  • 500 + 1000 + 1000 = 2500 points convert to 2h of processing time and you still have the remaining 500 points
  • 15h bonus (the 100% of the hours your referees bought)

So, in total, you will have 15h of bonus monthly lifetime processing time + 500 points.

The “points” conversion in “Processing Time” will happen at the end of every month.

Why would anyone use my referral code?

Well, that’s simple – they will get +1h/month Processing Time if they use your referral code.

  • for the first purchase
  • will be allocated to the account after the Refund Period
  • its availability will be mirrored with the purchased subscription (end date & renewal)


  1. We will only consider email addresses that are not disposable. We have a comprehensive list of more than 200 000 disposable email services that we compare against.
  2. We will only consider email addresses that are not likely to bounce, and we are validating this using this service:
  3. We do not encourage spam, so if we detect spam activity we will not consider any of the referrals you have made.
Thank you for choosing PROCESIO as your automation technology.

The Affiliate Program

We are part of the Avangate Affiliate Network as they are linked with our payment processor “2Checkout“.

  1. This means that any affiliate commission will be auto-redirected to our affiliates.
  2. Avangate does not take any commission from the Affiliates.
  3. We give commissions starting with 25%

How to Become an Affiliate?

  1. Join using this link!
  2. After you join, reach back to us at to speed up the approval process 🙂


Frequently Asked Questions

All who sent emails will get points for the emails sent, regardless if multiple persons referred the same user, but points for the creation of the account and for the subscription bought will be received only by the first person that referred the user.

You will not receive any points, and the email will not be counted.

We will not receive the email, and we will be unaware that you made the referral. Therefore, we cannot take it into account.

We validate the email addresses you refer to by comparing them with a large database of disposable domains. Additionally, we use to validate whether the email address is valid. We calculate a score based on the likelihood of deliverability, and if the score is low, we will disregard that referral for the respective email address.

Yes, we consider all the email addresses you send the email to by extracting email addresses from the TO and CC fields of the email.

We cannot see what you add in BCC, so we will not be able to identify the email address of the person you are referring. Consequently, we will not be able to take that into consideration.

We have developed it using PROCESIO processes that monitor the email for incoming emails. These processes track newly created accounts and subscriptions purchased.

You will receive points for making the referral via email. However, the points for creating the account and any purchased subscriptions will be credited to the user who used the referral code belonging to someone else.

We will only consider the first time you refer someone via email and give points only for the first email. Keep in mind that sending the same information multiple times to an email might be considered SPAM and we will disqualify you from our program if we see you SPAM.

We will be really grateful for your referral, and we will not be able to give you any points or bonuses for the referrals that you made without having an account in PROCESIO.

No. It only applies to the first acquisition of the referee (referred user).