Reduce manual work with Cloud Intelligent Automation (CIA)

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Future of Business Ops Work

In the next period the companies that will transform the work done by biz ops team will significantly improve the decision-making process, increase agility, customer, and employee satisfaction.

Trusted by high growth companies

“For one of our clients that had a repetitive activity of processing an Excel file every month involving 3x people during 3x days – we have built an automation that can do the job in just 10 minutes. This was an improvement of more than 400x ROI. Not to mention that now, those people can focus on more strategic and creative activities. This is what we call effectiveness!”

Marian Voicu, Co-Founder & Deputy CEO @ PROCESIO

Automate workflows in order to reduce manual work

In a highly competitive and fast changing business environment, only agile businesses can respond quickly and effectively to opportunities and threats found in their internal and external environments.
PROCESIO allows business ops teams to use and easily integrate tools for specialized jobs.



PROCESIO allows business ops teams to become automation builders and easily integrate different tools. It also allows them to automate workflows in order to reduce manual work.


Decision Making

Executives and sales representatives alike need data to make good decisions. Using Procesio, business ops teams can help decision makers by orchestrating, validating, and enriching data, in real time.

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Customer & Employee satisfaction

Business ops teams are at the core of business efficiency. They constantly innovate and find a more efficient way to run the business processes.

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PROCESIO is made for organizations and individuals that face the challenge of building custom automation and integration or of processing data in a variety of industries, including in highly niched scenarios.