No/low-code automation for startups

How can startups employ automation in a fast, flexible and scalable way, without having to invest heavily in developers?

Startups can use automation to optimize internal processes and workflows and save time, eliminate repetitive/manual tasks, and accelerate ROI. Automation may as well mean having the edge to keep up with fast market changes!

In this webinar, we’ll show you how you can benefit from a no/low-code approach to automation. No/low-code technology provides a flexible and scalable alternative to classic coding, by using Lego-like elements to create integrations and automations.

During this webinar, you will learn:

  • How no/low-code technology works and its role in the context of Intelligent Automation, RPA, and the apps you are using as a startup
  • The advantages of automating workflows at your startup
  • Process mapping and how to optimize for automation
  • Practical examples in fields such as:

Accounting/ Finance: How you can implement workflows by working with data from CRMs, automating payments and invoicing, or managing client communication through notifications or emails

Marketing/ Sales: How you can automate newsletter or drip campaigns on different channels, account management, create a data enrichment workflow for your leads, automate a reviews and rewards process, sales forecasts, or loyalty campaigns

Customer Support: How you can streamline customer service workflows that involve multiple sources, people, departments, and communication channels, and reduce the average handle time

Logistics or E-commerce:  How you can manage inventory levels between storefronts, warehouses and ERPs, sync requests and receipts, and automate ordering and fulfillment processes

You will get to learn all these from Alex Pirjol, Business Development Manager at PROCESIO, who has experience in software implementation in e-commerce, retail, distribution, manufacturing, construction and real-estate verticals.