Order management & processing


To manage your customer order journey you can create workflows to streamline processes among e-commerce platforms, 3PL, warehouses, and fulfilment teams for different verticals.

A well-designed system will allow to keep accurate track of stock items, monitor the delivery process, use analytics, and ensure a smooth experience for customers. 

In PROCESIO you can create custom data processing configurations and set actions to manage the flow of order processes. For instance:

  • Call API actions allow to connect and exchange data between different systems
  • Map Process Data actions allow to assign values to process variables  
  • Primitive or custom data types define how you work with data 
  • Process variables allow to pass dynamic data between actions

When customers place an order, you can automatically forward their personal information and the order to fulfilment, including details such as SKU or customer preferences. 

If you are working with multiple fulfilment partners, you can configure your workflow to assign the delivery to the company that can deliver fastest depending on the customer’s geographical location.

Data from scanning barcodes at warehouses can also be integrated to help keep track of inventory levels in real-time. 

Additionally, you can integrate third party logistics to match inventory to demand as needed, which gives the flexibility to scale up or down without having to revamp a whole process.

Advantages of automating order processes:

  • Save time and resources
  • Accurately track stock levels
  • Prevent errors during fulfilment
  • Enable analytics


Application integrations