On-premise integration and automation

On premise automation

When you are working in a company or organisation that requires the installation of custom software or to maintain strict control over data privacy and security, on-premise software deployment can often be the most suitable solution. 

This use case can prove particularly useful for public administration bodies or banks that need to digitalize internal processes but face the challenge of strict regulations when managing sensitive information. 

The advantages of on-premise integration and automation include: 

  • Install directly on local servers or in a private cloud environment
  • Full control over the software for customisation and security
  • Use custom business logic to process and manipulate data among applications
  • Extract, integrate, and sync information from disparate on-premise software and view/ manage it through centralized dashboards
  • Run a large number of tasks simultaneously at a faster speed compared by using the provider’s cloud environment
On-premise deployment

On-premise deployment allows to address a multitude of use cases in various departments, from finance and accounting workflows to data or document processing/ management, helping to maintain data quality even when working with high data volumes.


Application integrations