Integrations with third party software


A typical scenario for this use case is when a company needs to integrate software it currently uses with external software at the request of a client, but handling such integrations is not in their expertise or core business.

For instance, SaaS software vendors may want to integrate with the core systems their clients are using to ensure fluent activity, for instance for CRM data enrichment – integrate with CRMs, document data extraction – integrate with ERPs, waste management – integrate with ERPs, billing systems – integrate with order management, e-commerce portals, etc.

Taking the case of integrating for data enrichment, the aim here would be to collect and merge information found online with information already available in a CRM or similar application, in order to maintain a contextual database with data that is accurate, relevant and as complete as possible.

A third party software could collect data based on names, emails, websites or other available data, which you can then either validate or discard manually or through automatic rules. One of the most efficient methods to integrate this data in your CRM is via a tool that uses API connectivity, as it allows flexibility in real-time.

In PROCESIO you can set up a custom configuration to pull in the data (fields) you require, schedule processes to run at certain periods, and then sync that data with your own database, CRM or ERP platform.


Application integrations