Design, build and run custom software and process automation using NoCode.

Whether you’re working individually, in a small or large enterprise, our NoCode PaaS technology allows you to visually design custom workflows using powerful integrations that match your security and IT policy constraints.

Intuitively build powerful workflow automation.
Customise any new process and tailor it with the help of relevant data, regardless of your software development skills.
Make troubleshooting an effortless experience.
Visually test and debug execution instances while you are building action with action so you can be sure that your process runs smoothly at the end.
Build the backend for any software application.
We take care of microservices integration, code architecture, and scalability, while you focus on building a custom backend that can be triggered from any front-end.

How does it work?


Create your process

Design your workflow with actions that match your business logic. Can’t find what you need? Just create a custom action and use it in your process.


Validate and test

Validate that your workflow logic is correct and test each action individually to make sure it returns the desired result.


Run and troubleshoot

Run your process with input data and follow-up the execution in a visual diagram. Check the output and status of your process.



Integrate with any external software that exposes an API or trigger processes from other applications.

Who is it for?

Whether you are a (non)-technical founder, no-code enthusiast, non-technical employee, or a software developer, you can use PROCESIO individually or as a team to develop your own software and automate/integrate processes.


Focus on tasks that really matter.

Company Stakeholders​

Solve technical issues and automate processes, tasks which previously were solely governed by specialised IT personnel.

No-code enthusiasts

Explore with integrations and automation from scratch, or use our predetermined templates to get started quickly.

For simple processes, apps, or software:

  • business persons can do the job completely without the technical person’s help.
  • the technical persons can instead invest their time better and focus only on highly complex tasks that require their expertise (and not on simple/mundane, repetitive tasks).

For complex processes, apps, or software:

  • business persons will create the high-level requirements in the PROCESIO PaaS and the technical persons can take it from there.
  • most of the work will already be finished for technical persons when receiving the top-level process, app, or software from the business persons, and there is no confusion regarding the requirements; they only need to implement technical aspects that business persons were not able to.

Key differentiators


To your needs using Custom Action & API Calls Templates.

Build complex flows

With just a few actions, by leveraging the existing variables and data models.

Easily process information

And send it further to another system in the right format.

Build on top of itself

We build PROCESIO capabilities with itself.

We’ve launched privately on March 31. Join our growing list of early adopters and get access to features and promotions before an official release.