Quality checks

Set up quality checks workflows to determine if products are categorized and tagged correctly, and when relevant notify […]

November 26, 2021

Pricing catalogues

Sync price catalogues by updating with price adjustments or changes across supplier systems and CRMs

Product returns

Set up product return workflows that update changes in product inventory and notify the customer about the status […]

Product categorization

Categorize products according to type, features, or other filters and place accordingly in local or global Stock Keeping […]


Prevent stock outs and optimize lead times: automate the procurement of materials or components when stocks are low […]

Sales/ customer reports

Extract and compile sales and customer data, generate monthly reports, and forward the reports to relevant teams or […]

Tax invoices

Automatically extract and process tax invoices from a vendor’s website at the end of every quarter using a […]

Inventory management

Optimize inventory management by automating accounts payable, accounts receivable, and billing

Data sync

Integrate inventory from a warehouse and sales data from POS into an automated ERP.

Demand-supply planning

Set up workflows to automate demand-supply planning and use data to plan asset and supplier management, or customer […]

Product placement

Use past sales data to determine effectiveness of product placement; generate reports to arrange the physical or digital […]

Ordering flow

Background check inventory to display availability and quantity for a product in real-time on a website; when an […]


Automate warehousing, packing, shipping/ tracking products, and communication with clients.

Distribution performance

Collect and check data from different applications, web, emails or warehouses to assess distribution performance.

Inventory management

Coordinate inventory levels between storefronts, warehouses and ERPs.

Sync requests and receipts

Synchronize shipment requests or shipment receipts data in different systems

Attendance management

Integrate with RFID chips to track and manage attendance at classes; send automated notifications or reports to students, […]

Schedule meetings

Automate the process of scheduling, changing and cancelling meetings and notifying attendees for evens such as student-teacher meetings, […]

Learning performance

Collect data about students such as test results, participation rate, engagement, or bahaviour and generate reports to optimize […]

November 25, 2021

Follow-ups for courses

Create workflows for following up with students with materials and instructions after a course; centralize communications with a […]


Create a student self-service workflow to streamline admissions, enrollments, student finances, and course information or material.

Claims payable

Reduce processing time for claims payable and establish shorter timelines with providers


Calculate, generate and forward bills to patients via email or SMS based on the costs for tests, doctor […]

Data sync

Automate sending, receiving and updating medical files and patient information between CRMs or different data systems

Patient intaking

Automate patient intake processes and sending alerts/ reminders via email or SMS about patient visits to a clinic; […]

Supply chain

Automate inventory management, warehousing, and invoicing, and provide transparency by a using a Blockchain to record information about […]

Contracts and transactions

Sort information from contracts and transfer it to databases, using Blockchain to transparently provide access to official documents […]

Client/ partner data processing

Extract orders and client documents from end-users or systems and record transactions such as payments, identity or client […]

Storing data and files

Speed up back-office workflows and ease data access by transferring data from one forrmat to another and use […]


Up-sell, cross-sell products or provide rewards and offers to clients based on business-specific variables, or client history/ behaviour.

November 24, 2021

Client onboarding

Streamline onboarding new clients by pre-filling profiles with data from internal and external systems and checking data for […]


Automatically run compliance checks and reports

Claim processing

Streamline claim management processes by assigning and prioritizing tasks, extracting or forwarding relevant information, and notifying relevant stakeholders.

Fraud checks

Determine if new claims are legitimate and approve/reject claims by comparing descriptions, values and complexity against a set […]

November 23, 2021

Prospect assessment

Extract information from internal and external systems to generate assessment and risk reports about a prospect using medical […]

Claim status notifications

Set up triggers and workflows to notify plaintiffs about the approvals, rejections, or statuses of insurance claims, including […]


Integrate with GPS, WiFi or Bluetooth-enabled sensors to track load carriers or logistics vehicles and optimize workflows.

Quality control

Integrate with Computer Vision systems and various types of sensors to identify quality issues in manufacturing processes in […]

Performance optimization

Integrate with IoT gateways to capture data and determine if asset speed, material inputs or maintanance intervals adjustmets […]

    Fleet management

    Integrate data from fleet tracking devices to optimize timing and routes


    Deploy automated processes that control IoT-enabled irrigation systems to optimize water consumption

      Downtime prevention

      Integrate and analyze data from sensors or other IoT devices to predict and prevent failures or downtime in […]

      Home and Office

      Automatically adjust light or heating; automate gate access through a video intercom.

        ERP entries

        Create and validate monthly entries in an ERP based on specific rules such as date or when accounting […]

        Paper to digital

        Integrate with OCR systems to digitalize paper invoices and automate data input, errors checks, and further invoicing processing […]

        Journal entries sync

        Use conditions such as amounts, type or date to automatically forward and post accounting entries in ledgers or […]

        Payment reports

        Pull data from an accounting software and automatically create payment reports

        Order processing

        Check and process orders from clients forwarded by sales into an accounting software.

        Data consistency checks

        Compare and check that prices, quantity and product data match with information from purchase orders, goods receipts, and […]

        Purchase orders

        Automate processes and approvals for purchase orders and received invoices.

        November 19, 2021

        Client management

        Set up, change, delete information or create approval workflows for clients.

        Work tasks information

        Send scheduled, custom automatic mails or SMSs to employees with information about tasks and milestones that have to […]

        Weather monitoring

        Integrate and automate weather information or apps with site tools used for drills, tasks or inspections and enable […]

        Diagnostic & inspection

        Automate diagnostic workflows, inspection tasks, and set up notifications that can include analysis reports.

        IoT-enabled equipment maintenance

        Employ predictive and preventive equipment maintenance through sensors and process automation; prevent failures or downtime with automated maintenance […]

        Advanced equipment service

        Help field service workers provide better customer experience by making service calls more efficient; automate the work order […]

        Changing suppliers

        Notify the different stakeholders and transfer distribution data.

        Meter readers & billing

        Automatically extract end-user energy consumption information from a meter reader application and send users invoices that include an […]

        Data enrichment

        Enrich data about clients or partners by automatically extracting data from websites, third party systems, social media, or […]

        November 18, 2021

        Automatic invoicing

        Streamlining order-to-cash processes can help your team become more organized and efficient in several ways: Avoid late or […]

        Upsell cross-sell marketing automation

        If you have multiple clients in your database and you know various details such as the kind of […]

        November 17, 2021

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