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For small businesses that need integrations between several apps.

€ 1.200 / Year / Pack

€ 0.0020
Price per extra action runs, max 30% of the plan


For teams that need custom development capabilities.

€ 6.000 / Year / Pack

€ 0.0015
Price per extra action runs, max 30% of the plan

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You need to automate {{NumberOfProcesses}} processes with an average of {{NumberOfSteps}} steps per process and an average of {{NumberOfExecutionsPerProcess}} monthly runs per process
We estimate that you will need ~ {{PlanSugerat.ActionRuns}} action runs / month
We recommend you to choose for {{PlanSugerat.NumberOfPacks}}x {{PlanType}} action pack/s at a cost of {{PlanSugerat.AnualCost}} Euro / Year
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Need something different?


Explore PROCESIO and run small-scale integrations.

€ 0 / Year


Create complex integrations through a single tenant.

€ 600 / Year / Pack

€ 0.0025
Price per extra action runs, max 30% of the plan

Frequently Asked Questions

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An action is a key element on the drag & drop canvas that allows to perform integration and automation functions.

An action pack includes a specific number of actions that a user can make use of depending on their plan.

A process is a set of actions and business rules working to process data and integrate different software systems.

If you exceed the action runs your plan supports, we will not stop your processes from running immediately. The extra action runs will be added on your next month’s bill, to a maximum of 30% of your plan cost for one month. We stop the processes from running once you reach the 30% threshold.