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Build advanced Approval Flows or simple forms with our PROCESIO Forms & Tasks Designer
PROCESIO - Automation based on no-code, low-code & full-code | Product Hunt
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WE LISTENED TO OUR Community & Clients NEEDS and delivered

We listened to our community and enterprise customer’s needs, and delivered a full NoCode solution, enabling them to build from simple forms to advanced human-in-the-loop flows.

Full power is unleashed when you enhance form fields by triggering processes from the Process Designer.


Invoice approval

Custom-built invoice payment flow, with any number of steps, and integrate with your accounting system.

Acquisition requests

Manage complex scenarios for acquisition requests in your organization.

Employee leave

Manage employee leaves requests and integrate it with your team’s calendar upon approval.

User tasks

Any multi-step process that needs to be done by different people in your team; track the progress of tasks and find bottlenecks.


Automate any process where people need to interact with the process (take decision, fill missing data, etc.).

Procesio is the cool high-tech

Automate with full control, in a developer-friendly interface, and with highly-optimized performance.

pURE performance

In PROCESIO the average processing time of an action is ~100 ms

*Depending on the volume of data processed of external system delays, such as APIs, DBs, etc.

PROCESIO - Automation based on no-code, low-code & full-code | Product Hunt
PROCESIO - Automation based on no-code, low-code & full-code | Product Hunt
PROCESIO - Automation based on no-code, low-code & full-code | Product Hunt


Explore PROCESIO, learn the basics, and experiment with limited execution time.


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Scale quickly with advanced features and unlimited execution time for SMBs, startups, and automation pros.




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On demand

What is "1h of Processing Time"
and what can i do with it?!

We decided to charge per time and not per task because it is a more accurate and transparent way of measuring the value we provide.

  • We understand that it’s not common practice for automation software to charge credits this way, and most of them have a “per task” charging approach – but it makes more sense and it is directly correlated with the value that PROCESIO brings.
    • think at our “Actions” like the “Tasks” in technologies like Zapier, Make, etc
  • To help you better understand how we calculate processing time and what you can do with 1h of processing time/month, we prepared this list:
    the Average Processing Time for an Action in PROCESIO is -> 100ms
    • this is calculated based on all our Platform Actions and the usage metrics from our users.
  • So, with 1h of Processing Time you can:
    • execute an average of 36.000 Actions
    • this is approximately similar to having 36.000 Tasks in tools like Zapier, Make, Pabbly, etc

The intuitive workflows that you can build according to programming logic and, above all, constantly adapt and expand, save you tons of time if you had to manually enter them into your app.