Integrate SAP invoice details with e-Invoicing national platform – without accessing the SAP database


Our client Siemens Healthineers had the urgency to integrate with e-invoicing but they couldn’t provide access to their Invoicing System, it was a SAP with no access and the procedure to get the information was lengthy (several months at least)

This made the business hurt because they couldn’t be paid by their partners without integrating the invoicing information with the e-Invoicing national system. 

Also, they didn’t have a way to export the invoicing details into a XLS or CSV, as it would have required the support of the SAP team which is based in another country and the entire process would have also been lengthy.


e-Invoice is a regulatory requirement, based on an EU regulation (EU 2014/55/EU directive), requiring all companies to comply with sending invoices to the e-Invoice national system. Invoices not sent to e-Invoice national system are not required to be paid by the end client, so, this implies a high cash-flow risk which needed to be fixed immediately.


Intercept (BCC) emails with PDF invoices to clients, download the invoice attached and with our powerful PDF Extract Text action we mapped all the information straight from the PDF of the invoice and synchronised it with the e-Invoicing national platform. 

Basically all that the client needs to do is forwarding the PDF invoices to an email address and PROCESIO takes care of processing, automatically and without human intervention.


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