Aderro reduced customer support calls by 90% using automated notifications

Key outcomes

The challenge

Aderro is a power and gas utility provider with a large base of both household and business consumers. 

Aderro sends invoices by post and email at the end of each month, which customers can pay using different methods such as online payments, bank transfers, or cash. 

When paying online, customers had a standard payment confirmation overview in their account, which was often a sufficient re-assurement for smaller transactions, but many clients that had to pay larger due amounts asked for an extra confirmation from Aderro that the amounts had indeed reached them, especially because they were subject to penalties if amounts were overdue.

With the size of an entity like Aderro, this was putting pressure on the support team who were receiving hundreds of daily calls from clients worried about their payments. 

Aderro was looking for a solution to automate payment confirmations that could inform clients the moment their amounts arrived in the company’s accounts.

The solution

Using PROCESIO’s no-code development interface, Aderro built a workflow that integrated with its database via API and notified clients through email or SMS depending on their preferences when payments arrived. 

In the case of sending SMSs, the process also used a Custom Action which checked if a phone number had the right international prefix and corrects/ adds a prefix if not.

It took approximately approximately 2 hours to build and configure this workflow using the built-in actions in PROCESIO. 

Canvas actions used in this process: Call API, SubString, RegEx Validate, Decisional, Join, Send Email, Custom Action.

This automation helps Aderro communicate better with its customers, increase trust in the company, and sets a standards for services that other providers in the area did not offer, which in the long run translates in increased customer retention rate.

How to create your own notifications workflow

Ready to create your own automation with email or SMS messages? Here are a few resources yo help you get started:

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